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about this page

After the last update in March 2010 I found it was time to do some minor adjustments. Having put into practice a bigger project (Pizzeria "Bei Pasquale"), this site finally became a member of the web 2.0 generation. As before, the objective was to keep this site as simple as possible, thereby keeping it compact. I hate using templates or platforms. What you see was programmed on my own. No Wordpress, no TYPO!
I think I brought home the bacon. Including the graphics and one webfont it does not take more than 310kB. In times with fast internet even in mobile networks the pages should load in a second.

Ultimately, completely useless categories like links and "funny pictures" were kicked out. There are enough pages out there which deal with these issues.
Let's concentrate on useful information for students and future employers.

This site was tested in various modern browsers. If there is any problem, hey, it's 2019. Don't bother me, update your browser! All further liability is excluded, there is no recourse to the courts.

As always: this site is under permanent construction. Updates won't be published regularly and will appear in utterly unreasonable periods of time.